Artist/Designer of the Week


Name: James Wilson

Location: Bristol UK

Core discipline: Hand drawn Illustration.

Tools commonly used: Pen, paper, photoshop, Illustrator.

Years of experience: I’ve been drawing since as long as I can remember so probably about 20 years.


What was the path that led you to your art?

I would always doodle when I was younger and make my own zines, copy stuff from books and video covers I’m not sure exactly why. The comic 2000AD was a big influence, my Dad knew a couple of the artists that illustrated for it. I saw their studios and how they worked and it really made an impression on me. That really made me want to persue art more seriously and improve my drawing skills.

How would you describe your style?

I would say detailed, sometimes maybe a bit dark with a bit of humor thrown in.

Describe your average day:

Go to work, come home and eat, catch up with some Lost and then finally get drawing for a few hours.

What music goes through your head while you work?

It really varies day to day it depends on my mood. Sometimes something mellow like Gorillaz or the Smiths, sometimes indie stuff like Arcade Fire. Other days if I’m feeling the rock vibe it might be Sepultura or Emperor. I’ve been enjoying The Damned Things recently too.

Best experience with your work:

Getting a design printed on a shirt for a clothing company.

Worst experience with your work:

Having to slave away for a serious amount of hours on a flyer design for a client that kept changing his mind on the details that were to be included. Major Ball-ache.

What are your interests aside from art?

I play the guitar and Bmx. I also enjoy a good pint.

What advice would you give for aspiring artists?

Give up, art is full… I mean, practice a lot, use decent references, develop your own way of working and let your style evolve naturally.

One thing about you that no-one knows:

I’m well suave…

What does 2011 hold for James Wilson?

I’d like to get involved with more exhibitions and get more work out in print.

Any last words, shout-outs?

Thanks to Book of Lions for this feature. Death to All but Metal.


Links you should check out:
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