Four of those other sites…

Kill time, take a break or just cope.


Clients from Hell

Just as the name implies, CFH is a site made up of “A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.” Some are funny, some are tragic and some are ridiculous; but all have been submitted by anonymous designers as real life experiences. Some of the stories will hit close to home for a lot of designers… but almost all of them will entertain.

Good Fucking Design Advice

*If you are offended by F-bombs do not go to this site.

GFDA is exactly what it says: a consistent barrage of humorous, but relative quips that seem to go on forever. Yeah, they could have left out the F-bombs, but I personally think the site would loose its punch without them. Then there is always the GFDA Family Filter…..


The Oatmeal

Can an explanation be given for this site? The Oatmeal is the brainchild of Matthew Inman. The content is witty, relevant and sometimes dead on. The illustrations that go with the content make the site even more of a blast. “5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth…” Where did that even come from? Some of the content on The Oatmeal is just shy of brilliant.

You thought we wouldn’t notice

Has anyone ripped off your work? Thought you had seen that seen somewhere else? “YTWWN is a blog where users have taken notice to a blatant rip off of a creative work, and shared it with us. Sharing and discussing the observations and casualties of improper use of creative property is what we’re all about here.” YTWWN serves as a deterrent for those who lack the skills to create and are continually trying to benefit from the hard work of others.


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  1. K-Mo wrote:

    The Oatmea is AMAZING!!! I found that through tumblr and I am FREAKIN diggin GFDA to the max!!!!!! Thanks for those.

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