Undo #574 Rants by Jimiyo


A few days ago Jimiyo tweeted about some rants he was posting on *redbubble. After checking out a few I hit Jimiyo up and he gave BOL permission to post the content for the “Undo” section of the site. These posts fall right in line with the Undo section…. Enjoy.

If you are not familiar with Jimiyo, you should definitely check out the links below. The guy is a talented artist and art director for teefury.com.

Links you should check out:

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A shirt.woot entry from way way back…

It was way before the shirt.woot community crushed my spirit… but in a good way.

Granted it was before I really knew what made a good design, (and for sure, this design is a piece of crap) but during my short participation at woot, I learned many things:

1. People don’t like complicated designs. That nifty texture in the lobster shell, that was a dumbass move. So was the sunburst and parallel line shading in the drums. Why? Because it makes it harder to read. People like things that their lizard brains can understand, and that means they have to understand exactly what they are looking at with their twitchy darting beady eye in a millisecond.

I think the words, ROCKIN LOBSTER with a silhouette of a simple lobster with a drumstick and one drum kit would have netted a better response.

Yeah, even as I write that, I’m like… heck yeah, dat easy to understand, me like.

2. Internet commentators are bitches. “If the world should blow itself up, the last audible voice would be that of an expert saying it can’t be done.” Peter Ustinov

If you need advice about t-shirts, there are many many many experts over there, so successful I don’t think some of them even have… or need jobs. Their whole lives are dedicated to dictating what the world’s tastes should be.

3. It’s easy to “cheat” over there, but really, if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t tryin. ALL HAIL SCHULLER.

Bitches make snarky comments about how someone supposedly cheated by having multiple accounts (that… to vote you have to have purchased something) while thinking that getting your Klan to leave shitty comments and accusations on the competition’s entry isn’t as shady. Everyone’s out for themselves one way or another. Just because one way is more effective, doesn’t mean that it’s not allowed on the playbooks. It’s a dog eat dog world ya’ll.

The Suckahs that play the moral high ground card, are the ones trying to deal you biggest bullshit.

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I forget why I made this design…

Ah, it was a shirt.woot daily entry… After making it, I thought it sucked, so I submitted UpgraDEAD instead,which was a similar concept, but more easy to understand and appreciate.

It was three zombies on segways. Get it? They are chasing you on segways so they don’t have to limp. Irony being that segways are pretty slow too.

(In before someone is like… actually segways can go XX mph. HEY. STFU.)

This one is Ed Roth-y zombie on a segway. Meh.

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A Threadless entry, or maybe was it a shirt.woot. I don’t know, probably both.

BUT, I do remember an indie printer approached me to print this, so I obliged.

I was even kind enough to be like… yeah, ok, brah, I know your rep, I’ll let you have it on future commissions.

ARTISTS. NEVER deal with a company that’s promising you future commissions.

If they aren’t invested in their endeavor to even pay you a little bit up front, what fire is going to be under their ass to make their endeavor succeed? NOTHING.

You think they give a shiznit about your feelings?

Do you really want to lose weight and quit smoking but those feelings totally disappeared once you saw that tasty cookie or delicious cigarette.

If it’s uber simple to let yourself down, what makes you think someone’s fear of letting you down is going to make them work hard to make their endeavor which they have not invested in a success.


I’ve only had a few occasions in which pro bono worked in my favor, but it was not as beneficial as it was to the entity that was using me, so in hindsight, not so sure.

Anyways, the guy never printed my shiznit. I actually had to write to see if it was alright to utilize the design myself.


Of course, yeah, the response was, oh yeah, sorry about that. In other words,

I had forgotten that I gave a crap about being accountable a long time ago when you gave that shiznit to me for free.

People don’t appreciate what they get for free.

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I forget why I made this. I think it was a Designbyhumans contest entry. No, it was a Teefury design. Ahhh… now I remember.

Since, I’ve had interested wannabe clients ask to buy it, but the highest offer has been around $150. WTF. Cheap bastards. You know how many years I had to art before I got to a level where I could make this? And then just forget how many hours I spent to make this shiznit. $150?!? I could make that working at McDonalds.

I didn’t spend the majority of my life being looked down on for my loose cannon artistic endeavors and being an outcast and snickered at because I didn’t have a 401K at a secure 9-5 job because I was too busy hustling.

I hate you.

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